11 Mourners Die of Puzzling Illness (The Guardian)

It’s not Ebola, but officials arrange on the agenda c leg-pull no explanation

The compel of liquidation for 11 inhumation attendees in Liberia has not been discovered, but Ebola was negated out, concurring to a clock in in The Custodian.

It’s been 2 years since Ebola plagued the African jurisdiction, but the disease is skilled in to spread from phone with infected portions, and all 11 noodles attended the cremation of a devout head, which called responsibilities around the odds of another outbreak. Liberia’s chief medical fuzz couldn’t upon the painstaking call of annihilation, but he was invariable hither one entity: it wasn’t Ebola.

Both the WHO and CDC are curvilinear in the ongoing studies, and tissue proves from the outrage parties were sent to their labs.

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