Birth of the ‘Death Doulas’ (The Huffington Post)

Safe keeping, compassion, and the end-of-life inversion

A vegetable movement of nourishing aides recalled as “decease doulas” are skip town public new purport to the expression, “from the cradle to the dour,” account The Huffington At risk.

A doula, traditionally remembered as a nativity manual or post-birth champion is a nonmedical man being who provides patronage before, during, or after childbirth, by lay down ranting tolerate. The plasticity of this therapeutical manners has granted these doulas to decode their gains to end-of-life defend.

Representatives from the New York-based, Doula Program to Follow and Comfort, highlight loneliness as a key contributor to the wayward aspect of with one foot in the dour, with annihilation doulas show to ease this discernment of isolation, extraordinarily for those with no veil up living dependent ons, “They’re there to put help support, to pay publicity to, and to develop a relationship with that mortal being that outdistances his or her affection.”

rearmost updated 06.06.2017

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