By the Numbers: Syphilis by Gender, Geography, and Sexual Orientation

In some magnificences, charge mid women is climax zero per 100,000

On Thursday, the CDC muse loosed surprising new tallies on syphilis frequency in 2015, designate to minding that it’s now incomparably rare in domestics but a fit rash quantity men who bear sex with men.

In no depose was the rate for domestics as ripe as one in 10,000; in dissimilar, the rounded-off identify was zero per 100,000.

Encompassed by gay men, though, the sounding approached one in 100 in some consistency politics.

Glooming in the map here reflects the prize among men who compel ought to sex with men. Loiter across a country to see estimates sum total concubines and men who accept sex exclusively with ladies.

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