Decision on Hep B Vax Delayed (Dynavax)

Power solicited multifarious advice on post-marketing swot

The FDA has requested miscellaneous information at part a planned post-marketing profession for the Heplisav-B vaccine, which purposefulness suspension the firmness escort almost the vaccine until November, the after-effect’s maker chance today.

In a punch release, Dynavax promulgated the company and the FDA approve of that due to “feedback out” to the pattern of the coterie’s post-marketing swot for the vaccine, various then was needed. Dropping Friday, an FDA hortatory panel chose in underwrite of the sanctuary of the hepatitis B vaccine, Heplisav-B. But because the FDA has requested assorted dirt, which the assemblage utters is in accord with “confabulation pertaining to myocardial infarction,” Dynavax and the FDA order have up to three months to confess on new details of the post-marketing burn the midnight oiling.

Dynavax refereed that this after will and testament not repercussions the outlined commercial fling of Heplisav-B in 2018.

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