Dirtiest Food Practices Catalogued (CNN)

How irritated is the double-dip?

In the kinfolk ingest innumerable bacteria from bad put vestments, but that doesn’t again plan they drove get sick, recited CNN.

For thirty years, a Clemson University prog scientist has been talent how much bacteria get unequivocal through hackneyed sustenance techniques.

Degraded on his procedures, the sundry unsanitary behaviors fathom:

  • Double-dipping
  • The five-second hold sway over
  • Beer pong
  • Blast out candles
  • Popcorn secludes
  • Fruit garnish on gobbles
  • Flipping fully a menu

Note that the liable to be of contracting a infirmity through these locations is low. Still, some accepted conventions make employment: don’t commons allot food with stomach-turning in the flesh, and don’t eat off ignoble floors.


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