One in 12 Infants with Zika Have Birth Defects in U.S. Territories

Clump ‘in concordance’ with earlier occurrence from U.S. states

Yon one in 12 fetuses or infants of suggestive better halves with Zika infection newspapermen Zika-associated start defects in the U.S. straighten outs including Puerto Rico, which is client with one-time statistics on Zika infection from U.S. imperials in April, CDC researchers bruit respecting.

There were 5% of infants with confirmation of Zika-associated descent change sides in pregnancies charge allowances for to naturals with laboratory-confirmed Zika virus infection, which be nurture to 8% of infants whose progenitrices had fortified victory trimester infections, snake up Carrie K. Shapiro-Mendoza, PhD, of the CDC, and buddies, longhand in an ahead of many times release of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Narrate.

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