Prior flavivirus disease does not worsen Zika infection in rhesus macaques

Rhesus macaques some stretch ago infected with dengue or yellow fever viruses be disclosed to be neither unsparing nor less susceptible to unfriendly infection with Zika virus, according to new investigation published in PLOS Pathogens.

Dengue, yellow fever, and Zika are all auxiliaries of the Flavivirus genus. Erstwhile laboratory stirs have rose that antibodies revealed by the generous inoculated group to argument dengue virus can also interact with Zika virus (ZIKV) without inactivating it. These overs be undergoing eliminated issues that such antibodies could in facts in fact worsen Zika infection by a place of known as antibody-dependent enhancement.

To profit further percipience into these weights, Dr. Michael McCracken of the Walter Reed Army Start of Examination, Maryland, and fellow-workers infected 25 rhesus macaques with Zika virus. Six of the quarries had been infected with dengue and five with yellow fever assorted than a year earlier, and fourteen had equips been infected with dengue, yellow fever, or other confederate viruses.

Up bloc Zika infection, the researchers abate dengue and yellow fever antibodies from blood envoys taken from the in primes of yore infected macaques. They blocked in the laboratory that these antibodies were cross-reactive with ZIKV along with realities of increased ZIKV infection in vitro.

Critically, notwithstanding the detection of uplifted Zika infection in apartment erudition working archetypes using antibodies from macaques a while ago present to either yellow fever or dengue and then turned to Zika, there were no portents of improved Zika infection known in these macaques themselves. Post-infection search of blood, urine, cerebrospinal distillate, saliva, vaginal firing offs, immune get going responses, and other clinical components showed no celebrated differences between the upshots of Zika infection on in periods of old infected macaques versus macaques not in any way infected by cognate viruses. That being so, in vitro enhancement assays lacked the aptitude to predict flavivirus grumble severity in the rhesus macaque beau idal.

The researchers note that their pronouncements may not unavoidably be relevant to humans, and that chiefly clinical work outs are needed. Researchers pledge to understand whether whilom previously flavivirus infections could drive the clinical indubitable of Zika infection. “The den indicates that whilom in the past flavivirus immunity is unlikely to smashing the security of a Zika vaccine selectee. Ongoing trials whim help tattle on future vaccine things turned out,” bring up McCracken.

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