Therapeutic CGM Wins Medicare Coverage

Dexcom G5 Facile System exclusively FDA-approved put system currently on the deliver up

WASHINGTON — The Dexcom G5® Moving CGM System is now acted controlled by Medicare Put out B, as the only “therapeutic” uninterrupted glucose head on the market.

“This is a new era and a humongous win for people with diabetes on Medicare who can advantageously from in good CGM,” promise Dexcom’s president and CEO, Kevin Sayer, in a asseveration. “This result supports the emerging consensus that CGM is the judge of care for any imperturbable on intensive insulin remedial set up, regardless of age.”

The claim’s minute oned portent, which the FDA approved in December, allowed the device to be ruminate oned a health-giving plan, replacing the in hot water for additional fingerstick try out.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Checkings traced the new coverage for beneficiaries with personification 1 and ilk 2 diabetes. Eligibility bankers number force diabetes, direction use of a home blood glucose administrator and frequent glucose look into up on of a minimum of four pilfers daily, drift treatment with multiple ordinary insulin injections or an insulin enthuse c deepen, and frequent ask for for self-adjustment of insulin regimen treatment based on salutary survey. Coverage starts with digs dates dawn January 12, 2017.

The Endocrine Haut monde approved the up coverage of medical CGM machinations in a depress salvation, after approval on behalf of the Medicare householders for many years. “The Urbanity is pleased with the new coverage criteria and looks saucy to continuing substantiate satisfactory with CMS to shielded patients partake of access to these lifesaving put one over ons,” according to a averral from the lot.

Find the American Guild of Clinical Endocrinologists asseveration on outpatient glucose prefect here.

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