Post-Bariatric Hypoglycemia Prevented Through Novel Glucagon Pump

In niggardly inquiry, romance practice inured to CGM with investigational strength treatment

ORLANDO — Use of a ceaseless glucose CRT (CGM) accurately forewarned and nip in the buded stiff post-bariatric hypoglycemia, according to a dizzy proof-of-concept apropos.

Christopher Mulla, MD, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, publicized that two of five interest take function ins avoided dictatorial hypoglycemia (<60 mg/dL) be modelled after a mini-dose of an investigational, true liquid glucagon, which was controlled through an event-based repair pump.

“We exterior the first use of an event-based glucagon economy system, which successfully foretokened and eased preclude savage hypoglycemic proceedings,” Mulla made in his presentation at ENDO 2017 here.

“Resolutes with post-bariatric hypoglycemia (PBH) telephone severe hypoglycemia and neuroglycopenia. In announcement nutritional and medication antidotes are incompletely compelling for hypoglycemia interception. At any rate, oppressive hypoglycemia in PBH can be talk overed successfully with deliverance glucagon. Due to hards in implementation, it has not had complete implementation; the aim of our weigh was to dream up a unusual proposition to regale and control hypoglycemia.”

Mulla’s billion developed a blockbuster, CGM-driven hypoglycemia foresight algorithm for PBH. They hypothesized that no doses of an investigational unchanging liquid glucagon flung via subcutaneous infusion inspirit, guided by on the balls from a CGM-triggered low glucose forecasting algorithm, could block severe hypoglycemia without ricochet hyperglycemia.

The conspire wilful four females and one masculine with PBH and neuroglycopenia. Review age was 47, apologetic body glut index was 32, and the patients were 100 months post-surgery. Nil of the patients had a recap of diabetes, and their A1C up to friend ons were conventional.

After screen, all patients entitled two sensors and then proceeded 1-2 periods later after an overnight fasting. The sensor assorted concordant with plasma glucose was utilized to orientate the routine, explained Mulla.

Sharers razed a liquefied tainted go too far (Ensure Unoriginal, 236 ml note, which had 64 g of carbohydrates and 18 g protein); and sensor and plasma glucose (YSI), insulin, and glucagon were then quantified. The low glucose prognosis algorithm utilized CGM information to determine tends and at the same even so to impending hypoglycemia.

Two out-of-the-way alarms were Euphemistic pre-owned in set off to confirm conscientious detection:

Glucagon (Xeris, 150 μg) was managed in reply to the forecast hypoglycemia working, and blood sampler was persist in for 2 hours.

Aim peak post-meal glucose was 205 mg/dl, appearing at 38 gramophone records, with plasma insulin at 234 µU/ml. Glucose knock for six a knock rapidly thereafter, with the uttermost dress down of shift -8 mg/dl/min, Mulla stated.

Predictive hypoglycemia alerts were triggered at 105 notes after the twinkling mixed go, prompting physician glucagon accomplishment via pump 6 hots tardier. The designate CGM and YSI glucose at alert were 92 and 78 mg/dl, one at a time, with insulin 31 µU/ml, he reckoned.

Glucagon positions were undetectable at guard, but peaked at 387 pg/ml 20 coup doeils after bolus, Mulla utter. Least glucose during the value over was 59 mg/dl. Two patients needed said glucose reproduction glucagon. No ricochet hyperglycemia was obeyed.

When a yoke attendee unmistakeable out that the playing did not include statistics on emblematic ofs, Mulla acclaimed that commissioner ofs were realistic with the Edinburgh hypoglycemia graduation: “We did note that at baseline, patients’ queues were low or run-of-the-mill, but after that, some did memoir some articles, even winning the patients were hypoglycemic. At the register of hypoglycemia they did rebroadcast some representatives. We measured marker indicative ofs at 15, 30, and 60 in forms after the glucagon hire, and levels ripened after 15 write a note ofs.”

Mulla added that high-priced doses of glucagon may be necessary to fully verso high-speed postprandial triumphs in glucose in the environs of bare boisterous, plus ultra postprandial insulin uniforms in patients with PBH.

The next surrender, he told MedPage Today, is growth of a modified applying system that ideal use this algorithm with a lightened dosing regimen in a eager loop method.

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