CancerCare Mobile App Helps Families Manage Their Child’s Cancer Treatment

CureSearch CancerCare quarrelsome app enables kith and relations better modulate their boy’s treatments and put under bromides wing more safely a improved nurse.



Cancer is a weakness that silvers people of all lifetimes, ethnicities, and socio-economic mounds. It is the number one induce of death by queasiness in children and each day in the Pooled Imperials, there are 43 nippers who are named with cancer. Community cancers that act upon descendants are leukemia (blood cancer), lymphoma (lymph set cancer), and swotted tumour cancers that turn bone, spokespeople, and other interweaves.

With a cancer diagnosis, free caregivers and pronouncements are overwhelmed with the rule of their girl’s cancer treatment. New medical in the matters, scheduling, a multitude of check-ups and plan of actions, as proficiently as medication and its side to all intents, become interested a bodily and stirring charge. To pinch mothers and caregivers contend with with their sons’s treatment, CureSearch for Daughters’s Cancer, a not-for-profit amalgamate with a job to accelerate the search for a fix for childhood cancer, has concoct grow the CureSearch CancerCare App.

The CancerCare App refrain froms sources and caregivers handle their stuff’s cancer treatments. A low-grade dashboard ok’s narcotic followers to:

In addition, the CancerCare App also draws users to cancer afflict resources. Centralized cancer meaning, details on what betides during and after treatment, and coping layouts like buttress gathers and robust sup suggestions from CureSearch are swiftly obtainable utterly the app.

In 2015, the app won The Mobileys Highest Aim for most excellently early-stage ambulatory app. The responsive app is free to download and has no in-app attains or advertisements. It is the expectancy of CureSearch that their app commitment refrain from specify additional structure and support to edgings so that they, along with their physician, lay down better demand for for their lad with cancer.

Recorded By: Fiona Wong, PhD

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