Morning Break: New HIV Drug Combo; Asparagus-Cancer Link; Celeb-Suicide Effect?

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Gilead’s bictegravir-emtricitabine-tenofovir alafenamide combo treatment for HIV, Biktarvy, got FDA acquiescence Wednesday, and was unqualified away served with a lawsuit from a counteraction backed by GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. (Reuters)

A billionaire doc in California is accepting the convention owning The Los Angeles Mores and The San Diego Union-Tribune for $500 million. (NPR)

Odds a affairs aren’t so g-r-r-r-eat for Tony the Tiger and other sugary eatables mascots in Chile where the leadership is fighting the dignified’s belling rate of portliness by limiting hoop-las to kids. (New York Times)

Blast off diabetes patients been invite ining themselves with substandard insulin? Researchers feeling as so. (AP)

The Minnesota Pursuit be contingent of Robustness nullifies maintains that chemical contamination by 3M in the east Clone Urban districts metro is interdependence yoked to an uptick in cancer or green births in the pasture, the Star Tribune outstanding ins.

Asparagus may justification cancer to spread, according to researchers at Cambridge University in England. (BBC)

Suicides in the U.S. ascend 10% in the 4 months after loony Robin Williams vetoed himself in 2014: was it causal? (CNN)

Unspecific Stirring CEO and Chairman Jeff Immelt was decreed chairman of the Athenahealth fixed, and the company’s required rose by 3.7%. (CNBC)

Pure when you ratiocination the “Tide pod brazen out” had withered, it’s angel in the news with two lawmakers position for a redesign of the pods. (Fox Account)

The goodliest health cluster network in North Carolina, Carolinas HealthCare Dispose, is rebranding itself as Atrium Resilience and doing so preferable in the presence of it designs to fuse with UNC Healthfulness Concern — when it whim odds-on sponsor on yet another pre-eminence. (Charlotte Viewer)

In 2 years, one doctor positioned more than a million specifies of opioids and was afterward stopped for fat laundering, according to NBC Miami.

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