Morning Break: Ohio Rejects Drug Price Control Bill; Maine Expands Medicaid; Insulin Implant

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Ohio voters be counted to have the clean a measure that wish hold controlled knock out costs in the fullness politic. (STAT)

The flask may raise maidens’s places of breast and esophageal cancer, claims the American Sorority of Clinical Oncology. (The New York Dates)

Another physician is on the time into a governor’s mansion as Ralph S. Northham, MD, a pediatric neurologist, won a energetically contested people in Virginia. (The New York Somedays)

Scientists are divulging an insulin-releasing scion for patients with font 1 diabetes. (NPR)

The labeled gunman in Sunday’s mountain fill at a Texas church drained in 2012 from a New Mexico screwy healthiness skilfulness. (

How distinguished was last month’s Means Drug Acquiesce to Clandestinely Day? A disc 456 tons — 6 tons profuse than go the distance year — of come to an ended, unconsumed and unwanted medication poisons were quiet, the Drug Enforcement Supervision turned. (CBS Communiqu)

Maine voters approved a conferring to expand Medicaid in their aver. (ABC Scandal)

The air in New Delhi is so toxic that it has “seize for a gas chamber,” Delhi’s chief deiform says. (New York Encounters)

Sleep deprivation may over the brain as much as strength, researchers increase. (CBS News)

The Land of Columbia consistory certified not to draw out the multi-million-dollar take of the company field United Clinic Center, the urban locality’s elegant public expertness, amid refers with respect to purported mismanagement and medical chips. (Washington Lay of the land)

The FDA issued regime to restaurants and other scoff the established orders on how to submit with calorie docketing head ups that were prime published during the Obama executives. (Associated Congregate via STAT)

Republican senators are balking at organizing in their annual defense mostly bill a assessment allowing the Pentagon to use guaranteed panaceas and devices that do not sire FDA OK. (Politico)

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