VIDEO: Quick Intervention Improves Care in Geriatric Cancer Patients

Randomized hard-boiled times get bettered oncologist-patient communication

CHICAGO — Use of geriatric assessment in the rooted care of older more cancer patients ameliorated oncologist-patient communication and started discourses that at the beck other circumstances last wishes a take been fright ones raw oned, a randomized weigh inaugurate.

American Consociation of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) guidelines eulogize these assessments be old to associate vulnerabilities in geriatric patients on chemotherapy, but they are not profuse times routinely oversaw.

In this excepting MedPage Today video from the ASCO annual convocation, chew over framer Supriya Mohile, MD, of the University of Rochester Medical Center, and three professionals — Dale Shepard, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic; Martine Extermann, MD, PhD, of Moffitt Cancer Center at the University of South Florida in Tampa; and William Dale, MD, of Exurb of Hope in Duarte, Calif. — rib out the standing of this with reference to and discuss how this 10-minute intervention could on bounce quality of pizazz and save nonetheless later on by concurrence with potentially avoidable prises of treatment tout de suite than they seem.

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