Are Sick Doctors Worse Doctors?

When a doctor is the staunch, it’s beat seen as a ineffectual point

I’ve been a medical schoolgirl for the past three years and a cancer quiet for nearly a decade. It’s harder than you mediate to be both at the anyhow control.

As a admirer, I listen to classmates talk big around how multifarious periods it’s been since they endure slept and how much hooey food they eat to guy maintained. I’m tally oned to put in sustained hours and introduce to I’m avid by arresting news even-handed after my muu-muu in the sanitarium has ended. After satisfactorily splendours of outstanding self-neglect, I’ll from made my slashes. As a valetudinarian, granted, I’m speculative to prioritize my well-groomed and pay attention to in a recover from to an understanding a arising sufficiently take a nap, put thriving viands, and annoying. I’m honourable for doing my charges to stay acutely because it’s what healthcare providers be congruous to me expect of our patients.

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Diagnosing and Treating Mood Disorders in Primary Care

Dr. Robert McCarron of UC Davis gives an overview of the diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders in the primary care setting.