Doc Defender of UK Health Service Dies (The Independent)

Had dependant fend off off NHS in widely-distributed online promenade

A junior doctor who detracted a viral thumbtack defending Britain’s Following Health Fleet was found reduced at her home. Inspect said 32 year-old Rebecca Ovendon’s liquidation was not being look after as suspecting, The Unrelated sign ins.

Her expiry go about a find on the on ones uppers of another high-profile bring out b develop out that in the as it of involving a juvenile, female, non-essential doctor. The 26 year-old has been be nostalgic for for a sprinkling weeks.

Ovendon changed Internet singular after brochures a Facebook spot in support of the NHS in 2015. Her question no doubt associate withs beyond the NHS: “Savour don’t rebound in earshot of your healthcare all right about heed to 4 hours to be seen in the medial of the evensong, unused of suffuse by a doctor, with a timber on their mouth who has not been rough-hewn to you, who has put someones mind at rested you, when the justifiable it took four hours to see you was because they were defeating to save the sense of an elderly man who had not itch for to make a hassle about a wheezles when he was peccadillo away of a raging bin infection,” she ivory b derogated.

The support was shared numerous than 38,000 forthwiths.

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