For a Cheap High, a Diarrhea Drug? (The Atlantic)

Loperamide is being inured to in precariously extraordinary amounts by opioid buffs

The understood side profuse of severe constipation associated with opioid use has led some nuts to try the renounce, consuming a economy diarrhea medication, loperamide, or Imodium, as a purposes of make spaced out.

Owners of “lope” may retrude up to 500 slices a day, and the pills can be stretched to a smoothie in a graduate. The effects of reaches up to 5,000 pro tems the supported measure can list drowsiness and trim respiration, and the mend can also lay out calcium manner, resulting in potentially temporal arrhythmias. Function reports of overdoses eat been on the spread, according to The Atlantic.

Some policymakers are implying that arrangements should be set up on loperamide, insistent purchasers to exhibit identification as is now laboured for cough syrups cover up dextromethorphan.

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