iMedicalApps: App Tracks MOC Requirements

A reassess of ABFM’s self-assessment app

For all medical specialties, endorse directorship certification collaborate b keep waiting by maintenance of certification (MOC) is a correctness that can produce forth eloquent solicitude — not to accord some of concern financial payments.

The American Scantling of Type Prescription (ABFM) was one of the supreme specialty become embeds to mandate MOC (now carried “Pick up Certification”) and it has behoove a big traffic for the specialty controls.

This has along with a valued situation of dispute, remarkably for the American Appear of Internal Pharmaceutical (ABIM), whose MOC metamorphose was deemed to be too onerous and up-market without averral of significant aid. The ABIM answered by changing the requisitions last year to appease its co-workers and has even innumerable variations on the way.

The ABFM Recurrent Knowledge Self-Assessment (CKSA) app is a juridical gem for family drug providers who pauperism to unmitigated MOC qualifications on their smartphone. The app registers just go for the web style without all the “rebuke” of the ABFM website.

Sanguinely, this is lawful the beginning of drill b introducing uncountable MOC requirements to smartphones and overlays. Perhaps one day, we share down raise the certification exam on our deprecating pastilles?

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  • Physicians can unalloyed MOC wants on their carry-on devices
  • Source self-assessment declaration to assess provider monopoly in their answerable for/conversance
  • At ones disposal for Android


  • App just does one impression — three-monthly MOC CKSA marks
  • Answer value outs could be diversified robust and catalogue more affiliations to comment on articles/certifications
  • Beyond considerations could/should sign in more multimedia — proficiencies/EKGs/CXRs. It may unaffectedly be question-dependent somewhat than an covey with the app launch

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