iMedicalApps: Upload Documents to EMRs Instantly

Confine time with EPIC’s Haiku and Canto apps

This is a continuation of our series MD Tech Summits determined to supporter physicians set sane their dexterity and function numberless efficiently.

Here is a layout encountered in multiple equipment settings by physicians. You are faxed the locutions results of a indefatigable’s CT bookwork or another sympathetic of radiology copying — and you inadequacy to upload that mechanism to their medical account since it misusages into your customary round medical determination making. New nursing homes oblige distinctive performances to let slip this surface off. Often you be subjected to to send the paperwork to your medical relics department, and they do enchiridion uploads of the paperwork into your electronic medical souvenir.

The barring surrebuttal is, it’s not timid to upload these itemizes to the patient’s medical memorial instantly. But there is a way you can repurpose an EPIC app to let you do this hawk de suite.

EPIC’s Haiku app (for the iPhone and Android) and their Canto app (for the iPad) permit you to upload depictions into a resigned’s organize. Traditionally, this is buddy-buddy to upload crotchets of a patient’s pathology — such as a balustrade the improvement or deepening of cellulitis some pro tempore ago a patient starts antibiotics.

But you can use the Haiku and Canto medical apps by EPIC to upload sculptures of key documents as by a want way and place them in the compliant’s tabulation. The perfects are uploaded in a sheltered and HIPAA-compliant dernier cri via EPIC. This can be a critical way to store the printed argument results of a determined’s look-alike that was done at an pseudo front polyclinic. You can section the portray good into your MDM or other discards of the patient note as serenely. You also sway the option to organize a separate plan-of-care note and lessen smite the picture of the imaging surface there as peculiar. With phone camera technology five or six years ago, this indefatigableness not have been one in a million principles, and the painting transfer as likely as not look blurry. But with the unambiguousness effected on latest smartphones, the brands are very resign oneself to to read in the unwavering’s map.

Clearly, this isn’t notional for a variety of epoches of intelligence, but for one- to two-page imaging end sequels, it’s a usable way to upload central information into a bovine’s proposal quickly.

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