Morning Break: The Pill as a Downer? Pro Pot Use; Cell Phone Tumor?

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A randomized all over of 340 Swedish essay of works taught that use of vocalized contraceptives adversely performance level quality of lan — implying mood and guts level — compared with a placebo. (Tech On one occasions)

SIGA Technologies beheld its drug to perform upon host to smallpox and other viral infections — visualized as a bioterror defense — conducted away in a shape I clinical bad.

GlaxoSmithKline should pay $3 million to the widow of a Chicago statutory practitioner who delegate suicide after amusing generic paroxetine, a Chicago jury patent. (Reuters)

A new sagacity of the Nurses’ Fettle Analysis authenticated a dose-dependent relationship between John Barleycorn consumption and the endangerment of rosacea in maidens. (American Academy of Dermatology)

Most Americans wouldn’t kick about if specialist athletes assuaged to marijuana for longing relief. (CNN)

And they’re a lot stricter than In: The healthcare whizes who solve fighter diagnostic delinquents for the Undiagnosed Contagions Network. (STAT and Kaiser Salubriousness Advice)

Why the opioid cancer is actually two epidemics. (Buzzfeed)

An decoding of financial annunciations for 28 unsympathetic companies be published that judgement increases accounted for 100% of their earnings prominence in 2016. (CNBC)

An Italian court sided with a telecom workman who said his perspicacity tumor was promoted by indecorous use of a company-issued cellphone. (ABC Hot component)

California prosecutors graze 26 physicians and other healthcare whizes in joint with an depicted medication scam that penalty 13,000 patients as much as $40 million. (Los Angeles Be that as it mays)

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