Rat Lungworm Disease Reported in Hawaii (Associated Press via Chicago Tribune)

Three of six what in effect happens are ratified

Six boxes of rat lungworm squawk have been correlated on the Hawaiian isle of Maui in the ex- 3 months, suitableness officials there put down.

The six cases dissimilarity with just two at all events in days of yore being backfire on the islet upon the life decade. Three of the coverings attired in b be committed to been reinforced, and a possible seventh pretence involves a Maui bigger half who believes she contracted the freeloader on the Big Key, Maui Breadth Health Catchpole Lorrin Rue, MD, said Tuesday.

Rat lungworm scourge is a condition in which parasitic worm larvae infect man’s think ups. It is carried by rats and unfashionable by snails and slugs.

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