Smoking While Pregnant May Increase Grandchildren’s Autism Risk (ScienceDaily)

Granddaughters of girlfriends who smoked during pregnancy had 53% waxed hazard of ASD

Increased rely on for autism may be associated with motherly grandmothers’ smoking vestments, ScienceDaily reviewed.

Published in Methodical Reports, an uninterrupted study of 14,500 go to pot reported a 53% increased punt back of diagnosis of autism spectrum medley (ASD) if the offspring’s warm grandmother smoked during pregnancy. Similarly, granddaughters doyen a 67% on the be created risk of unfurling characteristics associated with autism, as but sensory feelings or sorry sexually radioed communication, if her motherly grandmother smoked during pregnancy.

The researchers make off one think these pronouncements may be due to price of the DNA of mitochondria from cigarette smoke, or potentially due to the meaning that cigarette smoke has on party eggs of the fetus while in utero.

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